A product of Erik Arlen and Ludo Roth’s distinctive and complementary visions, ARRO has developed a holistic approach to design and has worked on a large variety of projects across Europe, Asia and the USA.

The studio specializes in product design, space design, and art direction.


An approach to Aesthetic as an ongoing process/movement.

ARRO’s activity spans the world: from France to Japan, from Germany to China, through the UK and Italy to the USA and beyond, Erik and Ludo’s synergetic collaborations have spawned a wide variety of distinctive projects including footwear, bicycles, watches, spaces, lighting, furniture and scenography.

By keeping an open dialogue between them at the center of their creative process, the two designers feed off each other’s inspiration and confront their ideas, thus ensuring maximum creativity and accuracy.

Their career paths, very different in nature, complete each other.


After formative experiences with Toyota in Japan and with Puma in Germany, Erik Arlen was recruited by Nike in the USA. He spent 5 years at their Portland office as a footwear designer, working for the Women’s, Tennis and Action Sports departments.

Ludovic Roth, on the other hand, opted for a freelancer’s career. As an independent designer, he worked both on personal projects as well as various diverse collaborations, notably as a project manager within the agencies of prominent French designers Mathieu Lehanneur and Fabrice Berrux.

Being close friends since childhood, Erik and Ludovic decided in 2012 to join their efforts and build a common vision. Their approach is very open, sometimes even experimental, free of boundaries. Their work combines the latest technical processes with traditional, tried know-how. Formal exploration and reinvention as well as experimentation with raw materials and technological advances make for a unique approach to design.

ARRO strives to develop a fresh and responsible mindset when conceiving objects of our everyday lives.


Nike (USA) / Dix Heures Dix (FR) / Clarks (UK) / Lexon (FR) / Bagua (FR) / Atelier Sedap (FR) / La fabrique du ski (FR) / Villa Lena (IT) / Audio Technica (JP) / Cylo (USA) / Scott (CH) / Element (FR) / Aisin (JP) / Toyota (JP) / Sismeek (FR) / Aldebaran-Robotics (FR) / Sawa (FR) / Case-mate (USA)

…as well as private clients and start-up companies.

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