Height:  25 cm 

Material: Glass

Year: 2014

Workshop: Domaine du Boisbuchet / Paul Haigh / liquid fusion

Glassblowers: Amy Krugger, Francois Damien, DH McNabb et Lewis Olson

Photo credits: Arro Studio


One week of experimentation at the Domaine de Boisbuchet to apprehend, understand and discover glass as a creative medium.

The discussion with the glass-blowers and exchanges on their techniques lead the study toward the creation of tools to enrich the craftsmen process.

The tools, created in wood, serves as guide and stamps to modify the material while being blown, which results in various footprints in the glass.

Using the same technique over and over, the collection shows tests exploring the different deformations of the glass due to many variables as well as the relationship between the form, the color and the opacity to celebrate the glass and its process.