La Fabrique du Ski
Location: Villard-de-Lans [ FR ]
Materials: Bamboo core, fiber glass, polyamide topsheet, carbon, steel …

Photo credits: Thomas Lang (Instagram


We design, develop and manufacture high quality skis in our own factory in Villard-de-Lans, in France.

La Fabrique du Ski, is not a project like others it’s our own brand. A journey we started in 2014 with the initial idea of our partner, engineer and ski guru, Christian Alary.

After working for many ski leading brands in the industry Christian wanted to simply rethink the process of making skis. This innovative, patented process doesn’t play by the rules of the ski industry offers a big flexibility. Without having to produce in great quantities, it favors a unique knowledge and the use of high-end materials. This approach also enables the possibility of customisation on each of the skis.

The local production environment is not easy and the ski market is difficult for a newcomer. So the only way to do it was to ignore the reluctance and dare to do things differently.

Christian Alary’s experience combined to ARRO’s overall vision is the foundation of the brand.

The skis have been awarded several times by the specialised press, and they have distinguished themselves even in their names:  “Où tu veux quand tu veux”, “Quand la montagne s’en mêle”, or “Cherche-moi” create a poetic parallel to each model’s program.

The adventure took a new turn when Marie Martinod joined the Fabrique du Ski and won her second silver medal at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games in Half-Pipe, after having previously won twice the X-Games.

In June 2019, La Fabrique du Ski took the decision to move to Villard de Lans, in the heart of the Massif du Vercors, in a more functional factory which allows the brand to improve its production process as well as opening a store.

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