NIKE | Black Avenue QS


Client: Nike Women’s Training
Location: Beaverton, OR [ USA ]
Material: Felt, Leather, Rubber, TPU, EVA, Mesh

Photo credits: Matthew Placek – Nike, Inc. – Arro studio


To celebrate Serena Williams in NYC during the 2010 Tennis US Open. We created the art direction and creative input of the “Black Avenue” product story. Nike wanted to create energy around Serena Williams and celebrate her (at the time) WTA number one ranking as well as her sense and passion for fashion.
We worked in collaboration with Nike Brand team, and co-designed with Serenna a limited premium Women’s Trainer One inspired by a black felt tennis ball.

We played off one of Marylyn Monroe’s iconic photography in the streets of New York, under the rain. And created visuals to show this rain translated into black tennis ball falling. Translated then into amazing visuals by New York based photograph Matthew Placek.

Nike retailed 128 pairs of the TR1 available at a special event in Niketown NYC in August 2010 during the US Tennis Open, to celebrate Serena’s 128mph tennis serve.

Creative direction + Design lead : ARRO studio
Product photos : Matthew Placek
Serena Portrait : Robert Maxwell

Trainer 1 Wmns design : Denis Dekovic
Material : Jessica Smyth
Nike GWT Brand design director : Heater Amuny
Nike GWT Art director : Sorenne Gottlieb